The Technical Library Catalogue Part 5: How to do a subject search

This blog is part of a series about the catalogue used by The Technical Library. Blogs will include information about who can access the catalogue and how to search it.

Navigate to The Technical Library’s website – and click on the Library Catalogue Link on the Home Page. The screen will prompt you for your User ID and submit, and then for your password and submit.  See the earlier blog to find out how become a member of The Technical Library and obtain login details.

A Subject search involves using the subject/thesaurus terms that have been assigned to the catalogue record. Use of these terms increases the accuracy of the search results. Only one subject term can be used at once. If more terms are necessary, then once thesaurus terms have been identified, use them in a Keyword search – see the earlier blog on how to do a Keyword search.

There are two steps involved in subject searching.

  1. Search for a subject term

It is possible to search the thesaurus to see if a specific term exists for example GOLD MINING, or SOLVENT EXTRACTION. If the term you search for is in the thesaurus the result will give the number of times the term has been used in the catalogue.

If the result of the term used is 0 then click on the term and you will be directed to use a preferred term, for example CHANGE MANAGEMENT use MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE.

  1. Search for the list of titles that contain a subject term

Once a search term has been identified, all titles using the term can be retrieved by unticking the box below the search box.

See the earlier blog which explains how to request items from search results.

This blog is written to promote the products and services of The Technical Library. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Dineo Molebatsi


9th May 2018

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