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A day in the life of … Katinka van Straaten

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Katinka is the person to contact should you need any of the products or services from the Technical Library that are described below.

 Katinka’s typical day will start by checking emails to see if any new requests for information have been received. She will also check to see if clients have requested any items from lists of research results she has sent them, from information searches that have been completed. There may also be emails from suppliers of books and standards she has ordered for clients, as well as current awareness alerts that she has set up for clients on subscription databases.

 Next, Katinka will spend an hour or two reading both paper copy and electronic copy technical journals that are received in the library. Whilst reading, she will select articles on, for example mining, and related disciplines such as metallurgy and geosciences, engineering, safety, and management. The articles selected will be added to the catalogue and will appear in the monthly bulletin published by The Technical Library. She also keeps in mind any information requests she has had from clients and selects anything about subjects she has recently researched. She selects an abstract and a broad subject heading, and readies each article for data capture.

 If it is a new month, Katinka will extract statistics from the library management system that reflect the number of reference enquiries, in-depth enquiries, publication requests, items supplied, standards and books ordered, subscription databases searched and new members who joined the library.

 Time will be spent setting up new current awareness alerts or conducting both reference and in-depth enquiries for clients, and orders will be placed for any new books and standards that have been requested.

 Katinka reads through contents pages of conference proceedings that have been received in the library, and selects conference papers to add to the catalogue. This is done so that the information in these papers is included in any reference or in-depth searches that are done in the catalogue.

 Please contact Katinka – or watch a video where she describes her duties and responsibilities at The Technical Library.

 This blog is written to promote the products and services of The Technical Library. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Debbie Lievaart

26th January 2017