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This blog explains the quick reference enquiry

Should you need the answer to a question, don’t forget that the library staff are available to research it for you. A quick question takes less than ten minutes to answer. Library staff use their network of resources and their searching skills to find these answers.

The Technical Library’s web page contains several links which could answer your quick question.

  • Under the ‘Team‘ tab are email links to library staff who will tell you how to renew a book or journal on loan, how to request an article or book, how to request in-depth research or alerts and how to request training
  • Under the ‘Useful Links’ tab are links to a currency converter website, the Infomine Technical Dictionary, some Legislation and Mine Safety websites.
  • The ‘Marketing Videos’ tab leads you to our very popular YouTube videos.

Contact Katinka van Straaten whenever you need a quick (work-related) question answered.

Library jargon definition of the week

Peer reviewed journal/journal article. The goal of peer review is to assess the quality of articles submitted for publication. The article is submitted to impartial experts for review. The manuscript is checked for accuracy, and the research methodology and procedures are validated. In this way, articles that are accepted for publication in peer reviewed journals are of a very high standard.

This blog is written promoting the products and services of The Technical Library. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Debbie Lievaart

4th November 2016

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