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Requests for information : In-depth technical enquiries

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This blog explains the in-depth enquiry process

The In-depth technical enquiry entails searching the library catalogue and any other applicable sources. In order to ensure relevance and a good understanding of what is required, it is important to supply library staff with as much information as possible, especially if the information is of a technical nature. The context in which the information will be used helps this understanding.

Once all relevant sources have been searched, the results are edited and a list containing references in bibliographic format (title, keywords and abstract) is forwarded to clients. Clients can then select the most relevant items they would like to receive in full text. Library staff will source these from either our in-house collection or via inter-library loan.

Contact Katinka van Straaten whenever you need an in-depth literature search in your specialised subject area.

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Search alerts. If there is a specific subject you are interested in and you would like to receive updates when new material has been published in this field, please contact Katinka van Straaten.

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Debbie Lievaart

18th November 2015