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The Technical Library : Find us on YouTube!

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We are excited to announce the launch of The Technical Library’s own YouTube Channel.

Realizing the importance of reaching out to clients all over the world, the videos have been produced to promote our products and services to all our clients, both nationally and internationally, using a human touch. It is now possible to put a face to a name (or an email address) and hear us talking about our individual responsibilities, and how we each contribute to delivering a world-class service.

We welcome you to The Technical Library during the virtual walk-through tour of the library collections and there is a video giving details about all the different services available to clients.

Links to the videos can be found on our website under the tab Marketing Videos.

These YouTube videos discuss our services, collections and individual staff responsibilities

Services offered by The Technical Library

Virtual walk through the book and journal collections in the library

Katinka van Straaten  –  Information Research Specialist

Luke Ngubane  –  Publication Requests

Debbie Lievaart  –  Collections Manager

Pam Hutchison  –  Systems Administrator

Let us know what you think! We  welcome all comments and feedback.

Debbie Lievaart

16th October 2015

What can be found on YOUR bookshelves? Proceedings of a conference, perhaps?

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This blog invites all clients to donate conference proceedings to the library.

The last time you returned to your office after a conference, what did you do with the copy of the proceedings and all the brochures and business cards collected during the duration?

Perhaps you are very organized, with everything in its right place, or perhaps everything is very haphazard on overloaded shelves, ready to fall to the floor at the slightest nudge?

Please consider donating these conference proceedings to The Technical Library, where the information can be shared beyond the confines of your office. You can contact Debbie Lievaart if you have anything to donate.

Your books and CDs will be well looked-after here at the library’s premises in the Chamber of Mines building, and you will be able to borrow the proceedings, or receive a copy of any paper by simply contacting Luke Ngubane.

And think how much more space you will have in your office!

Library jargon of the week

Dewey Decimal Classification System

The Technical Library uses this system to classify its collection. DDC is an hierarchical number system that organizes all human knowledge into categories, which are each then broken down into many sub-categories to cover the whole spectrum of knowledge. Each item catalogued is given a shelf mark or number indicating what subject it covers and where it is shelved. This allows books covering the same subject to be found together.

This blog is written promoting the products and services of The Technical Library. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Debbie Lievaart


2nd October 2015